Camping on Gili Kondo

Gili Kondo is a small island located in Sambelia Subdistrict, it is 50 kilometers from Selong (East Lombok City). We can get there by a boat from Sambelia beach, it takes 45 minutes trip from the beach. The beach of Gili Kondo is surrounded with beautiful white sand, the landscape here is very natural and the sea water is very calm. In this island, there are no some dwellers, we can enjoy the sea under world with some activities such as snorkeling, fishing and swimming. Around the Gili Kondo, there are some other beautiful small islands for tour destination, in the some small islands, you can set a tent, spend night, enjoy beautiful night with waves and the light of campfire, and burnt fish after fishing! Sleeping the whole night in tent give us unforgettable experience.

camping gili kondo

1. 1 day Trip
Exploring Gili Kondo and some other small islands by boat, walking on the beach and snorkeling.
Included: Boat, Guide, Transportation, snorkel, lunch, and fresh water.

2. 2 days 1 night
Camping, explore Gili Kondo and some other small island by boat, snorkeling, fishing etc.
Included: Boat, Guide, Tent, Mattress, sleeping bag, food, fresh water, some fruits, snorkels and fishing equipments.

If you are interested with this program, please book and contact us!