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Tetebatu Adventure offers Trekking and Tour, providing information trekking to the Mount Rinjani National Park, Rinjani Trekking package with complete facilities, reasonable prices and supported by professional and experienced the Trekking organizer, guides and porters. As the Indonesian second highest volcano at 3.726m, it is hardly surprising that trekking tours to the magnificent Mount Rinjani […]

Rinjani Trek via Sembalun Village

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Trekking Rinjani via Sembalun village to crater rim, summit 3726 meters above sea level, lake and hot spring on Mount Rinjani National Park. Our treks start from Sembalun valley (1150m) in the main zone of Rinjani National Park and we approach Rinjani from the east. At the summit is the spectacular caldera from which our […]

Trekking Rinjani to Crater Rim Timbanuh

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Climb mount Rinjani from southern side to Pelawangan Tetebatu 2.650 m and climb to 2nd Summit (south summit) of Mount Rinjani 3.500 meters above sea level, down to the lake climb to Gunung Baru Jari, swimming at clean and beautiful hot spring water and overnight near Gunung Baru Jari , climb to Pelawangan Sembalun before […]